Spanishtown arrival – Greg and Rick 2, Cockroaches -2

We arrived on the 11 am ferry from Trellis Bay. No Mary Lynn did not have time to shop at Arragon’s gallery for your gift. And a grand gift you will get for supporting me on this crazy boys camp trip I’m on.

The taxi ride over was only 10 bucks which is the cheapest ride yet. I only have $9 left for the next three weeks. Ulric was our driver and he was very professional. He is our driver for the duration of this stay in the yard. The boat is up against the barb wire adjacent to the Scotia bank.

Rick had cockroach poison everywhere. The two bodies we found died instantly and they were 8 mm from the bait. No live cockaroaches have been seen, heard or witnessed.

Christmas lady or is the correct term Holiday lady…NO Christmas lady has not been seen or encountered yet. If I don’t see her tomorrow I will have to report her missing. Can’t you just picture me at the police station trying to describe her. JEEZUZ

We have Grand Cru back in shape nearly. The new window we installed in the Bimini is in exactly in the right spot…attaboy Greg

We shopped at Bucks twice today. The shelves are picked clean…just like in Little Current only the prices are better here. Tonights dinner is steak Specialle by Rick.

Dinner was amazing, we had a couple of cocktails and I couldn’t resist contacting the liberal candidate in our riding with some questions about gas plants etc. I have always voted liberal but this time will be tough. There is a huge lump under Mz Wynne’s rug…



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