Sometimes it takes time to get stuff from Amazonia?

November’s 17th, twenty seventeen

I often harp, nay rant about the exceptions. Normally, in the United States, Amazon shipping by any means is efficient and quick. This season, for the one part I wanted on time, the United States Postal Service failed.

On Tuesday morning, two parts were to arrive. Both parts were addressed identically. UPS delivered with no issue. USPS “address not deliverable”. I then contacted Amazon in Amazonia and they assured me the package would be delivered the next day. At noon on Wednesday the package showed “refused by customer”. We never saw a USPS person ever.

I ordered a second pump from Amazon being shipped from Amazonia. I contacted Amazon and they assured me the pump would be shipped UPS. This time I gave them an address associated with the FF marina. I received confirmation of shipping and wait for it… shipped by USPS. This time it was shipped one day and totally free. I tracked it all day, at 20:00 the status changed saying it had been delivered at 14:05.

We will see today when they arrive at the marina for work with my pump. I hate to continually rant about stuff. It seems simple, just do your job and deliver the part. It seems just like home the postal folks follow the rule book at the expense (no pun intended) of their customers. It is possible that there is a reasonable explanation… perhaps an inexperienced driver (not having gone completely postal yet) or a disgruntled or even gruntled employee. I do believe that Newman was a high level USPS worker.

In other news, I have serviced and lubricated 6 of the 8 thru hulls on Fracas. The floor boards are all back down for now. If the rain will stop we will shift work to the exterior of the boat and get her washed and waxed and her bottom painted.  We hope to get her in the water but our travel lift has mysteriously disappeared from the property. Oh well, I’ve learned to solve one problem at a time.

I received an email from Captain Rick. He is in the BVI at Fat Hog’s Bay working at Penn’s landing. He says stuff is still in very short supply. I have sent him some Pork Chops and a large hunk of Bologna (for frying) wait for it… by USPS. He reports that the damage to the island is amazing. On Wednesday they reopened the restaurant at the marina. He says that he hasn’t seen a pleasure craft of any type moving on the water since he arrived a month ago. more later

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