Cartoon Ophidiophobia!!

Saturday September 3rd twenty sixteen…

I wouldn’t say that I had a nightmare, it was more of a concerning dream. I woke up with a start and an expectation that I was wrapped in the coils of a large constricting snake. I expect that those of you who read me on a regular basis assume that I will next report that I awoke ensnared in the hose of the central vac, but not so.

KaaI awoke sure that I was wrapped in the coils of ‘Kaa’, not the  coils  of the new Kaa but the cartoon coils of the 1967 Kaa. Our grandson Harrison enjoys the cartoon version of ‘The Jungle Book’ and we have to watch along with him. I know the script and characters by heart. Unlike Harrison, I don’t yet break into dance when the carefree Baloo (Phil Harris) breaks into the well known song ‘The Bare Necessities’.

I’m sure that you are looking at Kaa above and trying to figure out how a 63 and a half year old ((I add the fraction now, if Harrison can do it I can too) I prefer that to 761 month old)  could be afraid of a cartoon snake. When awake I’m not afraid of snakes and have no qualms about handling most snakes. Many years ago when Jeni was six or seven I was showing her how to handle a garter snake. She was about to hold the poor creature when her mother(Jeni’s mother) came around the corner and Jeni’s attitude about snakes was formed. But that’s another story.

Sterling Holloway, the voice of Kaa and Winnie the Pooh

My nighttime fear is quite irrational. The actor who was the voice of Kaa is well known to most if not all of you as the voice of Winnie the Pooh. How could I be afraid of a cartoon snake with Winnie the Pooh’s voice? Sister Mary Francis!!!


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