Saturday Night Live – from the yard.

Island-44-LargeIt was hot today here in the Caribbean. I finished the repair on the rudder and got it painted. The prices here at Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour are wonky. One quart of bottom paint to do the rudder 120 US. They had to use the defibrillator to get Rick going again after he heard the price.

Today was a good day for Virgin Gorda squirrels…they were everywhere under foot. There are even a few on the boat.

Rick will probably try to make me eat one. He thinks the goat thing is funny and he is on the lookout for the next exotic thing for me to eat.

The Squirrels hide under just about imagesanything. The only difference between these squirrels and snakes is four friggin legs.

We brown bagged beer. We made our shower trip and shopped for dinner. We picked up a couple of beer and Rick put them in small brown paper bags and we sat on a bench and drank them. We also made comments to and about passersby.

It was totally deck…oh shit I thought the goat had passed on.

Tomorrow I make my soup. Just have to find some chicken stock. Lots of chickens here…do you have to  take the feathers off before you boil them?

We also got the genoa up, Rick climbed the mast (translated that means Greg hauled Rick up the mast. He taped the spreaders and other stuff.

We started the engine…the ford lehman on this boat is the same stout engine we have on FRACAS and it started right away.

Our quest continues to find both the Christmas lady and the laundromat. Perhaps I will find them both together. I tried to ask questions as to the whereabouts of the Christmas lady. I asked a guy who seems to be there everyday, “what happened to the slightly heavy lady who sat where you are last year in late November and early December”? I couldn’t do it. I tried to explain ice skating to a kid who laughed and thought I was the funniest man on earth.

I guess you had to be there.

I watched a 13 year old boy talk about a life style and think I’m coming around to his way of thinking at 60 or about 47 years later, but maybe not to late for me. Anyway give it a look at

Rick and I just finished one of our serious discussions. Not sure what topics we covered and it is likely that the world will be no better for it but we filled an hour with healthy banter and we made sense to each other. .

Tomorrow is a large day on Grand Cru. We have to wash the decks and get the boat ready for survey. We may still go to hog heaven but Seamus is sick with the cold. We do not want the cold. So mayhaps we will not goto hog heaven. I will make my soup instead. Recipe available at this great website for food and 30 minute meal ideas:

I can’t wait to get this boat floating…boats like rum are all good.



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