Saturday March 29 – Mark and Fran – Back at Penn’s

Just cosmetic damage…patch kit and some TLC…good as new
(Not Grand Cru’s actual dinghy)

It’s 5 o clock somewhere!

Hello again, here we are back at Penn’s Landing…

now let’s go back in time until about 5 minutes after my last post…remember we were leaving Foxy’s?  
OK…we walk the dock and can’t find our dingy…a quick frantic search found it tied ashore by the hammocks…we had secured it ( not well enough or in the wrong spot or too close to or yachta yachta yachta?)  end result was that Belvin had rescued it from under the dock after large swells had swamped it and tied it up…long story short the gear shifter was broken off…towed to GC by a fellow Canadian whose wife is from Lively. Mark was able to get it running but the engine only runs in forward…had no reverse or neutral…now we are worried about a potential air leak so when securing the dingy for the night Mark put the spare halyard on because can you imagine waking to a sunken dingy on top of the motor damage…
it’s still floating this morning!  

A long slog directly into the wind to Penn’s resulted in a loaner motor and repairs to be done before Captain Ricky comes home…we are off again tomorrow so stay tuned!

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