On a dock!

Tuesday March 14th, 2017

The crews of Last Mango and Fracas helped administration (the Captains) come to the decision that we needed to go to a dock for a few days. The dock needs to have a pool and be near laundry. Ok, we relented and there was a couple of Cold Fronts coming along and a good nights sleep in lieu of sitting up watching on anchor…

We tried all the regular places and they were all full. They were full when on my last count there were 66 boats on the hook in Marsh Harbour. The charter base for Moorings is Conch Inn and Marina. We hadn’t tried them. They asked us to call back in  a half hour and they had two slips that we could have for multiple days. This will likely be our last shore time with the boats prior to heading west and back to Florida at the end of March into early April.

The admirals spent most of the day languishing around the pool. The men spent the day working and completing tasks as assigned. I had to ride a circus bike to the Maxwells to get them frozen fruit for their frozen drinks.

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