Oiling the sewing machine

Wednesday November 30th, 2016

My morning routine is fairly well known, get up make coffee, and listen to CNN. We don’t get CNN on digital TV so I have to listen in on Sirius/XM. This morning I decided it was time to do maintenance on the sewing machine. The coffee we are trying is a local roast sold at the farmer’s market we went to on Sunday. Sea Bean Coffee, not sure about it, Guatemalan beans…

sailrite-machineWe have one of those Sailrite machines that all ‘real’ cruisers have stowed away. I use it for weight lifting. I seem to be moving it out of the way weekly. It is one of those things on board that hasn’t found it’s permanent home yet. Anyhow the sewing machine oil is lost. I bought some light machine oil. (it looks like a light machine to me) That oil is a little too…well light. It flows everywhere. The sewing machine is now ‘well’ oiled and put away. I will look for some heavy mlight-machine-oilachine oil or sewing machine oil.

We have rented a car for the weekend to do some running around. I had enough points with Enterprise to get a car for three days for $8. We will go back up to the boat used parts place in Fort Pierce and go down to Lauderdale to visit Sailor man’s used part stuff.

Here are a few pics that haven’t made it on the page yet.

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