Monday March 24, Mark and Fran – Day three at Leverick Bay

Up bright and early (0530hrs) because it was just too quiet…not a breath of wind and we could hear the stuffing box dripping (that is where the drive shaft for the prop goes through the hull) there were boats everywhere all askew which is an unusual sight as normally the wind keeps us all pointing in the same direction

From our vantage point on shore at the moment GC is not even pulling on her mooring ball…hot hot hot...summer_hot_hot_713555

After coffee we got ambitious and cleaned her hull and now she shines…at the cabana having a libation while we do laundry…have made our reservations for Michael Beans this evening and I will be a shaker girl! Beans is an entertainer here that puts on a fun and lively interactive Pirate show…he is an awesome performer and Captain Ricky has been lucky enough to be able to play his bongos with him

Yesterday afternoon Mark set up our hammock and we listened to some Jimmy Buffet before our dinner which consisted of scrumptious Mahi Mahi and of course the staple on GC of coleslaw…for non-boaters, any kind of lettuce will not keep more than a day or two whereas cabbage will almost last forever…

ttfn I am going to check my load of laundry

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