Marathon to Stock Island

We just got our mooring ball on Saturday and we had to begin planning to leave Marathon for Stock Island. Stock Island Marina Village is near Key West and is the Key just East of Key West and just west of Naval Air Station Key West on Boca Chica Key. The weather was a concern, not so much on the days we chose to travel but the wind leading up to those days.

Key West, Stock Island and Boca Chica Key – Photo Google Earth

Monday was the day we were scheduled to arrive at Stock Island Marina. The issue would be the residual swells from the East that would make our downwind run sloppy and floppy. The seas would settle a bit by Tuesday, but Tuesday had other issues; cold front arrival and a high CAPE index (Convective Available Potential Energy). This high likelihood for T-storms supported a Monday departure. It was a floppy sail, motor sail and motor run through the hell balls (crab pots).

The blue dot is Fracas, slip E-1 at Stock Island Marina Village

We arrived ahead of Last Mango, we burned more fuel to power the boat ahead of the swells. It is always stressful to bring Fracas into a slip. This one was great though, the other side was the sea wall, nobody to hit… I don’t know how we will get out though.

The ‘slip’ assigned to Mangos was a bit questionable. There was a gap on the Fuel/Mega dock. This gap had been assigned to them. Ooops I thought, these slips had been booked in July. Not only would they have to squeeze between the 164 foot mega INCEPTION and another 80 footer. The 80 footer said he would give John and Karen three more feet.

The Mango’s first slip assignment

When they arrived they were disappointed as we anticipated. Karen and ML went to the office and Karen spoke in accounting terms and they found another alternative slip safely within the marina and away from their Mega friends.

Once everyone had settled down we went over to the Oyster Bar. We missed happy hour but made up for it. I had the Pickle Back Chicken wings. Impressive wings, they were HUUUUGE. I got the humerus, radius, ulna, metacarpals and phalanges… It was delightful, while gnawing on the humerus the phalanges were tickling my ears…

The remains of Oyster Bar Chicken wings (Richard would eat most of this as well.

more later

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