LVXVIII – Jamie Whitten

Thursday October 23rd, 2014

I struggle to type this as yesterday we launched the dinghy to visit the visitor centre at the Jamie Whitten lock and jammed my right thumb between the oars. It is a long story, in one hand I had the two oars, in the other I had my IPAD and my beer. The pain started in my finger and my 61 and a half year old brain couldn’t figure out what or how to let go. The entire end of my thumb is black. Mary Lynn drilled two holes in the nail to relieve pressure. The look on her face as she inflicted pain on me was similar to a 5 year old Christmas morning smile. Needless to say, the pain was throbbing all night and sympathy is in short supply even from Pete who had an ear plug stuck up his ear. Same smile as Mary Lynn bored out the offending plug. I didn’t spill the beer or lose the ipad.

Today we are up early to get a start and try to do 4 locks before we sleep. I will try to update this later on. The weather is amazing.

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