Left overs?

Today is laundry day. It just seems like yesterday it was laundry day. I looked online to see the recommended number of days before it is required to change the bedding. It ranges from months in something called a gulag to hourly at something called a brothel. Let’s just say these sheets are ready to regenerate.

They have one washer and one dryer here in the yard. Lots of rules about what can be used, washed and appropriate laundry etiquette. The rate to wash goes up as you change settings. Cold and light soiling is the cheapest, I wish my clothes were that setting. The dryer is more accommodating with one rate for all laundry.

Did I mention I smashed the windshield on my phone? I was climbing up the ladder when some sort of synaptic message failure to my hand and the phone squirted out like a wet bar of soap. My other hand eager to get involved took a grab at it. The result was an increase in speed and a change in trajectory. The worst place to land was now the destination. It stopped face down. I climbed down and flipped it over to find a very shattered phone. It still works but it’s not the same.

The same day my watch went missing. Like most things lost, I had no recollection of where I last had it. I jumped to the conclusion I left it in the shower. This watch is good for almost 20,000 leagues (a league is 3 miles (4.8 km)). I put up a poster hoping for a return. I reported it missing to Don in the yard office. He said he would write down my information and ask around. He actually wrote “dry cleaning and tonic water”.

As you all well know I found my watch yesterday, on the boat, exactly where I last left it.

I’ve discovered that left overs are created by the grocery store. In my case Publix. I only want one pork chop. The least I can buy is two pork chops, see the problem. I could eat two and avoid left overs but I don’t want two, I want one. I can hear you suggest “put one in the freezer”. That creates another problem, frozen pork chop when I want it not frozen. I know it’s not climate change but it is a big problem.

So, I cook both pork chops and now I have a left over. I cooked extra potatoes so that I would have something to eat with it. Two days, pork chop each day. I would have cooked extra green beans but I really hate twice heated beans. They were fresh and it seems to be a sacrilege. I’m making the very same meal two days in a row.

If you are wondering what I’m doing on the boat, I’m refinishing the teak planking in the cockpit. A horrible job, more on that later.

I’m here in Florida doing a month getting some projects done on Fracas to get her ready for the next season. ML is at home with our small herd of grandchildren helping with the newest addition Oakley.

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