Launch postponed

tonkaThe plan was to launch this morning but I wasn’t ready. I could have been but I was sabotaged. Women (insert Mary Lynn’s name here) think we are still little boys and will revert to that at the drop of a pin. Yesterday a huge crane arrived at the marina to haul out a 70 foot 50 ton tug. ALL WORK COME TO A HALT AND WATCH THE BIG YELLOW CRANE!!! I didn’t have time for a crane.

I was drawn to it. I couldn’t help myself. The voices in my head started chanting TONKA, TONKA, TONKA. Jeezuz. The preparation of the crane took over two hours. I went home and rushed through lunch to get back. When I got back they were just starting to sling the tug for lifting.

Then the mesmerizing lift of the old tug. Wow, I shot a video of the whole lift. Sick. Net result postpone the boat launch one day. I hope nothing happens to side track me today. Sister Mary Francis…


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