Kings Cribbage

Tuesday January’s 9th, twenty eighteen

We are presently traveling south in the ICW or Intracoastal Waterway. The ICW is a dredged (for the most part) channel behind the barrier islands on the East coast of Florida. The ICW extends North from Florida along the east coast of the United States. I gives boaters a relatively safe and protected passage without exposing yourself to the open sea and weather. Where we are, Peck Lake is a widening of the channel adjacent to Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. We are a short dinghy ride to the shore and a hundred yards across to the expansive beach.

If you have not taken a look, you can view us and this park with the park cam they have. It rotates and takes pics every half hour or so. I have not been able to repeat timing my posing on the bow sprit. The link is CLICK HERE.

I shed my pants yesterday. The temperature outside reached almost 70°f with the possibility of 80°f today. My Christmas socks were put in the laundry. I pulled on a t-shirt and completed my ensemble. Hopefully this is a sign that the COLD has left the area. Yesterday we decided early to sit out travel due to the rain. Waiting for bridges and holding the boat in rain squalls not my cup of tea. Less wind and rain today. We will head south likely for West Palm. We need to move through that area before TP45SG arrives and makes travel more difficult.

Yesterday we  both tackled projects. I filled the hole in the cockpit where the old autopilot lived. ML used her new smaller lighter sewing machine to sew a bag to keep the sewing machine in. In addition, the cabin table was scraped and will be sanded and prepped for new varnish. We last redid the table in the Bahamas and used Sikkens gloss. It was a poor choice for a table. The coating was too soft and for its entire life had a sticky feel. Dominoes and cards didn’t slide like you would like and hope.

Last night we finished our evening with a game of Kings Cribbage. If you have not heard of King’s Cribbage it is a board game played with tiles like scrabble. The tiles are marked like cards Ace through King. Your plays must all contribute to the score of a cribbage hand. You can add to a line while creating a new line and score both lines. No line can exceed 5 tiles. You score just like you would in cribbage. If you play all five of your tiles you get 10 extra points. If you play all one coloured tiles or finish a hand with all one color you get 10 bonus points.

ML kicked my ass. I was never ahead. At the end of the game she played all her tiles and got over 30 points to put it away. We both ended up with a seven and no where to play it. Game ended. I post the board in case some ‘Super Genius’ out there finds a place to play it.

I’m sitting here hoping to hear from Mangos this morning. They should be completing their transit from Fort Meyers to Marathon. They said they would text when they land.

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