Junkanoo… Junior?

Saturday February 25th,  2017

Fracas the blog the fakest news you can find this side of the truth.

Yesterday we made the small move from Man O War Cay over to Marsh Harbour on Abaco Cay. There were less boats at anchor than we thought there would be so we could work our way into the harbour about 2/3 of the way in. Last year when we were here the bay was full and we were at the outer edges of the anchorage.

I will attempt to share pics of the Junkanoo held last night here for the school children of the area. They were amazing. They started with the youngest classes and worked through to the high school kids. Tonight is the big event. The adults get to wear their costumes and play the parade music.

I am going through the tickle trunk to see what Woody and I have to wear. That is if Woody gets back in time. I think he has gone back to Man O War Cay. I think he has a thing for one of the ducks we saw him with. I can’t imagine that he will stay long with the Cay being dry. I hope he doesn’t get the poor duck in trouble and they end up with wood ducklings.

More later

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