Jeni’s visit

Friday January 20th,2017

Our daughter Jennifer has been visiting Florida staying with her friend Val and Val’s family. They have rented a house down in Lauderdale. They took time out of their busy schedule to come and meet the old folks (and new parents). They have a rental car and managed to get up here without incident, just for the score card a Hyundai Accent.

Mary Lynn had been baking up a storm and preparing a menu of Jeni’s favourite foods. We visited and ate and ate. I wanted to get a bow shot of the four of us, I did post what I thought was the best yesterday but there were others:

After lunch we went walk-a-bout in Stuart’s downtown. Jeni and her Mom had gelato, I did not, I have to worry about thong management. We didn’t have time to shop as the girls wanted to get back to Fort Lauderdale before traffic got heavy.

Today is Inauguration day.

The Mangos are working their way here to join us. They spent the night in Clewiston Florida and will likely have another sleep over somewhere along the remaining route. They plan to be here Saturday, tomorrow morning to be safely moored prior to the potential nastiness overnight Saturday into Sunday. The Cape index around us for that period will be high and there could be some tornadic activity in Florida.

While the girls were here the neighbors decided to do their personal grooming. I was ok with the clippers. It was almost ok when she clipped his back. We had to turn away when the hot wax pot and scraper came out… I did blur out the faces to protect the guilty. I did check but she was too expensive.




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