Wednesday September 06th, 2017

By this time Hurricane Irma has passed over Barbuda and is now on her way to St. Maarten. This storm will pass either over Tortola or just to the North. We have friends with boats throughout the area in Irma’s path. The models this morning are bringing Irma closer to Fracas changing projections to a Hurricane Matthew like path along Eastern Florida. We hope that everyone’s boats are ok. More importantly we hope that everyone has hunkered down or evacuated and remain safe.

It may be hours and perhaps days before news gets out from the islands impacted. Communication systems are vulnerable to tropical weather and could be down for months/years. Let’s hope for the best and wait for news.

I remember sitting up all night waiting for news when Hurricane Joaquin was heading at Fracas in her Hurricane hole on Stocking Island. I watched in disbelief and relief when Joaquin made the big turn North just as he was to strike Fracas.  Just before he turned away he made a wobble looking like he was considering taking on Fracas and thought better of it.

Then Hurricane Matthew considered taking her on while she was on the hard in Fort Pierce. She is in the same place hoping that Irma will pass far enough away so that she will remain safe.

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