I’m nearly done with Ho’s or is it Hose?

November’s 12th, twenty seventeen

The high point of my morning so far has been looking up the correct spelling of Ho. Close second to that, finding a coffee mug with a blue interior hiding at the back of the cupboard here in the condo. I was prepared to bring my mug from Fracas. This mug is a clunky  ceramic that looks like it was made at craft day at the home… but it is blue.

I was shocked to learn that so far I have removed 42 feet of ho’s hose (I find myself struggling with the American vs Canadian spelling of words) jammed here and there under the floorboards of Fracas. I wish I could tell you it was easy to remove, but I can’t. One particular hose required moving one end an inch or two then moving to the other end and pulling that inch that way… repeat as necessary for 13 or 14 feet.

We are replacing the hose with Raritan’s extra flexible expensive hose. We are working on getting a good price for a fifty foot roll. We went to West Marine yesterday. West Marine is pricing themselves to be a place where you go to look at what you will eventually buy online. They want almost 20 bucks a foot while Defender has it for 9.99. The FF marina is looking to find us a good price. The new tank should be here tomorrow hopefully it will slide into place as I vision it.

Those who actually read this tripe will think I’m obsessing with things tank, hose and stuff. But that’s what we are living just now. Seeing the time frame of parts coming, we have taken the condo for a few extra days.

Paralleling this project with the ho’s hose, I have to clean and wax the hull and paint her bottom. We are using Sea Hawk paint this time, we will see how this stuff works.

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