I had Froot Loops for breakfast?

When I was a kid, I’m talking back in the late 50’s early 60’s, I wasn’t allowed to have Fruit Loops. In fact it wasn’t possible to have them until 1963. When first introduced there were only red, orange and yellow. Green Blue and Purple loops weren’t added until the early 1990’s. Kellogg’s has admitted that contrary to their advertising, all colours of loops taste the same. You would not convince my grandson of that but apparently it is true, blasphemy…

Toucan Sam

Why do we have Froot Loops you might ask? Well, ML gets whatever H our grandson wants. Prior to his arrival in Florida she asked him what cereal he wanted? He ordered Rice Krispies and Lucky Charms. ML had already purchased Froot Loops and Bird Seed (granola) cereal for me. So, there were Froot Loops left over and they travelled home to quarantine with us.

When first introduced they were actually called ‘Fruit’ Loops. Due to the fact that they contain no fruit or fruit nutrition of any kind and pending lawsuits both lead to the name change. Apparently they contain Froot, and now all ‘flavours’ of the rainbow. What they may actually contain is Shugah!!

There wasn’t a lot of money in our house when we were kids. Breakfast cereal was that puffed cereal that came in a huge bag. The cereal was so light that it floated over your head while you carried it from the grocery store. The bag was so large that if packaged today it would require wheels.


They also put prizes and or stuff inside the bags as an incentive to buy the ‘Fluffs’ cereal. My Dad used to get parts for his car and my mother got dishes, utencils and other stuff. My recollection extends to chainsaws, switchblades and toys. Likely the stuff was added to hold the bags down while in the stores.

If we had guests or a group coming for dinner my mother would get extra ‘Fluff’ cereal bags to get the pieces missing from her cereal china collection. I can still see her molesting bags of puffy cereal trying to determine what the reward might be compared to what she needed. No problem carrying more bags…

You coaxed a quantity of these puffed cereal things into your bowl and added milk. The milk floated the things over the side and onto the table. The task became eating them before the milk collapsed them and they turned into something less interesting and or appetizing.

I actually don’t remember when froot loops arrived on the scene. My favourite cereal and the cereal I’m sure I hoped for was ‘Sugar Pops’. I clearly remember ‘Sugar Pops Pete’ the gopher thingy Sherriff from Arkansas I believe. They were good.

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