Holdon, Holdon, Holdon, Rawhide

November’s ninth, Twenty seventeen

Yesterday was spent getting Fracas organized and cleared to allow work. By the end of  the day there was room to walk in the salon and galley. The shade cloth has been removed and today we will fold it up for reuse this season. I spent a lot of time getting Fracas ready to withstand summer storage. The shade cloth was secured using gripping clips Holdon Midi clips. Seams in the cloth were rolled together and using sunbrella scraps I stapled 6 to 10 staples every foot. There were no failures in the shade cloth.

These impressive clips secured to the boat with two (made in USA) nylon cable ties, held the cloth with no failures. The boat lived through 100 mph winds and several tornadoes nearby. The harder the pull the more they grip the material.

I’m posting this gallery as much for my future reference as to share. I also used PVC pipe cut up and sliced to make clips to hold sunbrella over the caprail. 90% of this cover strategy worked. more later

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