Heading West

Saturday March’s 24th, twenty eighteen

In about an hour we will begin a long leg of our journey back to Florida. We hope to do about 85 to 90 miles before dark. At the end of this day we will likely drop the hook on the bank near Bimini. We will sleep six hours or so then begin the last leg back to Port Everglades.

The wind will begin from the NNE to NE at under 15 and will clock to East by the end of the day. Overnight it will continue to clock to the south and remain there for our Gulf Stream cross. With out set in the current we should be able to motor sail the Florida straight and make good time. You get a 2 to 3 knot boost in the current and we are going enough North to ride it not fight it. Our Gulf stream cross should be all in daylight so relatively easy.

I can’t imagine any of the sailing being more uncomfortable than this place has been with the wrap around swell rolling Fracas. I put a line from the anchor rode to one of the big winches to set Fracas better to the swells, it helped.

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