Groundhog day!

If you have not heard that furry bastard from Wiarton managed to see his shadow this day. Six more weeks of winter…for you. ground hog billI on the other hand have almost made it out of this Winter wonderland. Thanks to that misguided whistle pig I will return to two more weeks of winter after my four weeks in the warm. Jeezuz

Yesterday we got to Sudbury to board our Porter flight and everything was cool, boarded on time, sat on the plane…nothing happened for a while then the Captain came on and said there were issues with weather in Toronto. We waited three hours and away we flew, weather deteriorating in Sudbury and apparently a window in Toronto. Do I know about weather windows…Visibility was minimal and there was some wind but the pilots did a great job. Porter is my favourite airline. The pilot came back and visited with us all asked if we had questions or concerns. I asked him about global warming he was helpful but not that knowledgeable.

We had a great landing, but after five hours they were out of cookies, almonds, vegetable chips, wine and beer.0572706_1 $medium$&defaultImage=image_na_EN&wid=250&hei=250

Today we have to shop for a few things to take to Rick and Louise. We use those plastic clamps from Canadian Tire as clothespins on the boats…we have to find those. Several other odds and sods…

Last yearrita macneil they wanted us to pick up the antidote for viagra. There was an incident…you know the advertisements say that after four hours you should contact a physician. A sailor was on the bow of the boat yelling “look at me, LOOK CLOSELY AT ME, its been 4.2 hours!” The only antidote I could find was a picture of Rita MacNeil. People are jumping on me because she’s dead. Maybe it is too soon, they ARE still trying to bury her.



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