Grand parenting and schedules

Saturday December’s 23rd, twenty seventeen

We had the H man on a sleep over. The parental units were off at a Christmas party in town. I offered to drive them in and pick them up, the duty of a Father/Grandfather/Greg. Since the days of the contract, no questions/no hassles call at any hour. The hardest part was staying up until midnight, but I made it. Prior to going back to town for the pick up, H had fallen asleep at around 10. His schedule had been upended by a late afternoon ‘unscheduled’ nap. He had failed to comply with acceptable nap times earlier.

Its now 04:00 and we (H and I) have been up since about 02:30. We did some IPad. He mentioned that he would like some eggs, toast, milk and a banana. Since we are up, what the hell. I even made coffee, what the hell? The coffee is for me, I may have added some rum, what the hell? He polished off the egg, only left a corner of the toast and the butt of the banana.

Everyone is getting their much needed sleep (so they won’t be grumpy tomorrow), H and I not so much. He is presently scooting around his railway with Gordon pulling 20 or so cars and Pop-pop called into service whenever track repair or moving Thomas, Annie and Clarabel to a siding is required. It’s tough work for a retired guy to run a railroad and be a grandparent in the middle of the friggin’ night.

I have penciled in a schedule for Pop-pop for tomorrow. While they are up and not being grumpy, Pop-pop will be attempting to work around the coffee and have a nap… tabernac

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