Getting in shape update

loseitapril 13By watching calories and walking on either the treadmill or the great outdoors I have managed to lose almost 12 pounds in just over a month. I hope to get to 180 or 175 for summer and then attempt to keep it off. Keeping weight off while taking the boat south to the Caribbean…Good luck to me. There haven’t been too many side effects other than “jesus bye i’m tat hungry now I can eat the  arse of a low flying duck”, to put it in terms used by my east coast ancestors.

It has been tough. I like to eat and who would have thought that there are calories in rum. What a cruel joke it is, that rum is fattening. Counting calories is a pain. I’m weighing stuff and Crystal thinks I have an eating disorder…I do growl when I walk by a kid eating delicious potato chips. So far I have not ripped the bag from their little hands but it could happen.

Even more cruel is the fact that the lighter I become the fewer calories this cruel IPAD lets me eat…JEEZUZ Tabernak

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