Friday August 11th, 2017

Today is our daughter Jennifer’s birthday… happy birthday Jeni!

This weekend is the Manitoulin Country Fest, the salute to denim’s resilience, stretch and overall flexibility. Most participants also wear various straw hats some clearly showing what can only be described as ‘goat eating patina’. Goat eatin’ patina sounds like the lyrics to a country song. If the country festers can get through todays rain and showers the rest of the weekend weather looks ok. Congratulations to the organizers of this well attended event. I did notice as we sailed by yesterday that the Goat Island trailer park is starting to fill up.

August 19th is World Photography Day. I’m going to find a prize and we will have a contest that day for Island folks to submit their best pic taken that day. We will use likes to determine the winner… I’ll get my people on that.

Enough for now, just trying to get back into blogging. Baby steps…


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