Flat surfaces

Tuesday March’s 28th, twenty eighteen

No Maureen O’Hara’s were injured during the filming of McLintock.

We stayed put yesterday. We remain as the only vessel anchored here in Sunrise Bay. The wind was still over twenty knots so we thought we would wait it out one day. We need a project when we are weather stayed.

Our first project was ‘McLintock’. Just happened upon it while cruising the digital channels we could pick up. Then I tackled the flat surface that is my nav table.  Flat surfaces attract stuff. It was time to relocate the stuff to where it belongs… I will limit the work to the top surface. Inside the Nav table will be left for another down day in the future.

It only took me a couple of hours to meticulously sort and find homes for all the stuff from the Nav. Once the stuff was gone I found the spot with the missing varnish. When we left the boat last year the last thing we do is release two or three bug bombs. The one I put on the Nav had some negative effect on the varnish (it was gone). I decided to do a spot repair until I have time to refinish the entire Nav area. I got two coats of varnish on the repaired blemish and the Nav has only attracted five things overnight.

As ML likes to do we had to play calendar yesterday. She holds out the calendar and says we are here and we will be home here can we be ready to do this here? Should we call them and move this to here and change that to here? If ever, this is one of those times you should actually listen. We will work our way slowly north enjoying the last of our winter. We are booked into Nettles Island for a week starting April 2nd. While at Nettles Island we will strip and prepare Fracas to be stored.  Mangos have graciously agreed to come over and go up the river with us. Fracas will be lifted on Friday April 13th… Triskaidekaphobia… what’s the worst that could happen?

I have to deal with coffee… more later


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