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William Buchan
Dr. William Buchan 1729 – 1805…thank God most of us don’t have to wear hair like this!

You should be in reasonable shape to move a sailboat 3000 nautical miles. Lots of things can happen that will challenge your abilities, fitness and mental state. I spend most of my days thinking about all that has to be done to get ready to leave for the Caribbean with FRACAS…

There is wisdom in what Dr. William Buchan, the 18th-century Scottish physician wrote, “Of all the causes which conspire to render the life of a man short and miserable, none have greater influence than the want of proper exercise.” It was obviously evident to this physician in the 1700’s that exercise and activity were vital to health and longevity. As I have told you I started to exercise every day by snowshoeing. Another type of exercise I have tackled is getting the treadmill out and setting it up. For the first couple of days all I did was drag it out set it up and then put it away. I calculated that to be about 40 calories burned. The last few days I have been actually walking on the damn thing. To keep me going I hung a ‘family size’ bag of Lays chips on a string just out of reach. lays chipsI had to stop that as my speed was getting out of control and a frustrated lunge for the salty treat left me wounded and tangled in the clothes hampers.

The solution to this and most other dilemmas in my life is my Ipad. I simply set it up with my Bose Mini speaker and I watch old TV shows. Two episodes of ‘Hogan Heroes’ and I have walked for 50 minutes.I have noticed that the Germans (other than Klink and Schulz) are all played by a small group of actors. So far I have noticed that two or three actors have played 3 or more different characters…there was enough oxygen in my blood to notice that.

The electronics on my treadmill were suspect so I tackled the timeses and guzzintas required to make sure the speed of the treadmill was accurate. I would like to say that I am on the treadmill to improve my health, fitness, oxygen uptake, resting heart rate, lower my blood pressure and improve my mind. But I can’t. I’m on the treadmill to burn calories so that I can eat more and stay within my 1700 +/- calories on my diet. For example, tonight I had 34 calories left to the good…Can’t go to bed like that…so I washed my pills down with 1.5 oz of a nice white wine, 36 calories. I am now 2 calories over but I’m sure I burned them putting the treadmill away.

treadmillI discovered that the length of the belt on the treadmill was 11 feet and 20 revolutions took 38 seconds with the speed set at 4 mph. When I was done with the calculations I discovered that the speed is off by 10%. Therefore in order to hit the magic calorie burning speed (for me without having an MI) of 4 mph I had to set the thing to 4.4 mph. Today I had to go 10% faster. I was a sweating wreck at the end of my 1 hour (I left the remainder of the third episode in the capable hands of John Banner (Schultz).

I was very happy to see some results when I weighed myself this morning. Without mentioning how LoseItBookLargemuch I weighed to start…I have lost just over 5 pounds. It is amazing how much better I feel just by losing 5 pounds. I use my ipad to keep track of my food uptake and exercise with the help of an APP called ‘Loseit’. The App doesn’t do the work…it takes will power and pain…

Tomorrow I tackle the dumbbells…I wonder if there is an App for that?


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