Day twenty two: 06:45 – Anegada on the hook

Our position: 18 43.278N 64 23.061W and this is as far North as we have been in the last 24 days. It is a little cooler here and a sheet was required for sleeping. That will change of course. The winds are a tad lighter this morning and the weather is forecast to be quite nice for the week.

There is an interesting update. Neptune’s feast the restaurant owned and operated by the Soares family (the original fishermen here) is offering internet free. We are outside the mooring field and are able to get it with our Internet Vacuum Super High Lift special antenna it is a little slow but we are connected. Thanks to them and that little perk we will eat there tonight.

The women have it in their heads that we will rent scooters and they will ride with us as we recreate the Lobster Fest Extravaganza ride we held in November. The only thing more unsafe than one person on one of those scooters is two people on one of those scooters. Time will tell.

We are wondering if that scurvy purloined cat ‘Osprey’ is in these waters and we could make this a motorcycle epic not seen since Clint Eastwood and Every Which Way but Loose. Brian and Janet had enough of them and went home. Like the pirates of old last we heard they were trying to hire crew  in ‘Sopers Hole’. Rumour has it they pirated the Pusser’s restaurant to watch the hockey game and knowing Tony, he probably talked them into throwing in a breakfast buffet and a rack of Prosecco. Good luck to them wherever they may be.

Our plans are for a day ashore and we will find the fun…if not we will make the fun and it can try to follow us.

Euchre: Women 14 Men 13. Louise had two lay down lone hands…pee in the cup drug tests still pending.

As usual I am up and all the coffee and tea is is are is are made and I am alone. It is now 07:11 and I will begin to make noise to ‘Get this Party Started’ (Pink).


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