Day twenty five: 07:03 Fat Hog’s Bay –

I am sure that Rick and Louise will be delighted to be rid of us after over three weeks living together on a boat. It says a lot that we can pull it off.

Last night we completed the euchre tournament which was tied at 14 games each. We decided on a best of three final. To say the men defeated the women is an understatement. Game one was two lone hands and a euchre…The second game was similar and we defeated them 10 to 1. As I have mentioned before the women are great winners and powerfully poor losers…

We had a relatively quiet night here after a blustery cloudy evening.

Yesterday while the ladies attempted to find scallops (came back with steak) I wandered over to the marine store near the landing. He did not have anything I was looking for and instead asked me what I knew about radios? He laid out his issue, I fixed it and said no charge. He laughed, to which I said but I would like a discount…then I realized that no discount would work as the prices are astronomical.

Special breakfast this morning; mimosas and all the breakfast stuff from the Ricky kitchen.

more later


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