Day three: Penn’s Landing

07:44 Atlantic – I am up first with a head full of instructions Louise spouted at me about making coffee (and some cobwebs related to a bottle of rum that disappeared). Pretty simple concept; hot water, coffee and some means of joining the two. The french press is straight forward, “stir it slowly” and “plunge it slowly” I will do both fast because I am a rebel. I will also let the water boil for a while (it whistles loudly) and get this party started. That reminds me of a song.

Last night we played the top 100 songs that are always played by the cheesy dj at every dance or wedding everywhere. By the time we got to ‘Mony Mony’ (Billy Idol) we had in fact “get this party started” (Pink). Louise rebelled when any rap came up…

It has been windy overnight with some rain before we went to bed. I hope that the weather pattern that was here in November isn’t repeating now that I am back. Lots of clouds to. Rick was whining about it being chilly last evening but it was great to me. I have been an unwilling participant in the winter of 14 which is a bitch.

Today’s schedule includes a local bus ride ($3 per person) vs a $25 taxi to go into Road Town while Rick tries to convince the local authorities to extend his temporary import permit which allows the boat to be here. He is authorized to be here until the end of May. This can take a few hours and I will go to wonder around a shop. Cruise ships are in so downtown will be crawling with the cruise ship folks. I keep looking for the $99 Rolex but it seems futile, the closest I’ve gotten so far is a $200 Rolax.


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