Day one – Croker

When we arrived at Croker I had a nap. We have been working incredibly hard to get out of town. Our great plan to get everything ready and a home for everything we needed to bring on the boat turned into a Clampettesque jamming of everything that wasn’t nailed down onto Fracas.

Fracas is now something like Appllo 13. We have to turn what we have onboard into 8 months of sailing fun and shinaniganss. Fracas like other Whitbys has levels of storage. We have storage, nooks and crannys. There is one level below crannys that is reserved for things that leak, smell funny or bad rum. (It could happen, although most  initially bad rum can be drunk or drank better. Something like aging wine and scotch only with a much shorter time scale.


We found enough space to have a nice dinner of hamburgers and corn on the cob. We still have internet with our phones and ipads but that will end soon. As much as I look forward to going south I look more forward to telling Rogers and Tellus to shove it.

I will not see the sunset tonight. I have 50 things to put away before I hit the rack.

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