Day four – 07:11 off to St. John

It was a good night on the boat. Last night the men won three games of euchre so the tournament is Men 3 Women 0. We are trying not to gloat but we are men and that is unlikely. We finished the night with a round of Bazookas.

Louise went crazy when Rick almost opened the wrong can of salt and vinegar pringles. She was babbling something about them getting all ‘moist’ (in her version the s is silent).  It was scary but passed when the proper can was located and she had it cuddled (strangle hold) to her bosom. She got her hand caught in the can several times and I got to sample the dust at the end.

1 part Baileys .5 part Sambuca over ice

We are off to the U.S. Virgins today to pick up some parts for the refrigeration system and to spend a few days or so. The US Virgins; St. John, St. Thomas and St. Croix. will sail west and south to get to Cruz Bay to check into the U.S. We will likely anchor for the night at Francis Bay.

IMG_0963More later

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