Day five: 07:26 – Caneel Bay

6896627_f260What an inconsistent and somewhat silly process checking through customs is. Why don’t they just tattoo bar codes on our asses and we bare a cheek for their scanners and they stamp our hands or put an ear tag on us! It seems important that tourists are rounded up every few days and made to stand in lines just so that they can ask us questions they don’t care about. The whole point is to be sure you are who you say you are and who your passport says you are…they barely look at your face. Oh JEEZUZ don’t get me started. Then there’s the paper work for the boat. Depending on who the agent is you have to fill the forms out differently. The same information on both sides of the form….The U.S. is a little different than most islands, we don’t have to check out when we leave. I am sure that they are watching all this and monitor my blog we will be asked to leave very soon.

So we cleared ok, now we are back in the U.S. of A. Not sure of the length of this visit.

customs cruz bay
Customs in Cruz Bay, St John USVI

We spent a couple of hours in Cruz Bay. Typical shopping, Mary Lynn and Louise got through security at Little Switzerland. Louise picked out something for her birthday…a couple of baubles to add to her Pandora thingy. Mary Lynn on the  other hand has yet to help me choose her gift. Rick is not a shopper, he found shade over by a children’s play-structure and was arrested three times. Released on good behaviour I guess.

Dinner on board was some very nice chicken, potatoes, coleslaw (different and very good) and ZUCCHINI. I don’t get zucchini. Its like tofu it absorbs what it is cooked in and has no flavour of its own. Louise and I had one of our protracted discussions about zucchini then Mary Lynn told me to shut up and we moved on.

I have to do some cooking this trip and I will use the recipes I like from

The hard part is to find the ingredients I need. I’m just looking for some fresh basil, how hard can that be.

Two games of Euchre took place and the standings are now Men 3 Women 2. The women are gloating and are very poor losers and very, very poor winners. Rick and I are unsure if we will play today or ever.

The Itinerary for today:

10:00 motor over to Red Hook, release Rick in the dinghy to go to shore and meet the lady from *INSERT PLUG HERE* Caribbean Inflatables , Sara who has been extremely helpful with our acquiring the refrigeration parts we need.

12:00 Francis Bay for several days on the hook whilst we do refrigeration repairs. We are using much too much ice. Ice is for drinks not for food and if we have to get ice at Francis Bay we have to climb 9000 stairs to get to the tree house people’s store.

Louise has stopped playing Candy Crush long enough to scarf breakfast…

CURRENT EVENTS: Olympics; hard to find good coverage on line. Rick and I have a bet that Jamaica will win more gold than Canada. Not sure what the prize is.

more latah


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