Day fifteen 09:00 – enroute to Trellis Bay

black eyeI have a black eye! Like most black eyes it happened in an innocent way. I was going to the bathroom and that went well and I was leaving the room and had an altercation with a plant. There was a lot of blood and I met the owner of the bar who had a somewhat horrified expression on her face when she saw me with blood pouring out from behind my sunglasses and a handful of blood. I had to explain so I said “I just went for a pee”…”you should see the plant”.

Mary Lynn provided first aid; “you have blood on your shirt” and “you will have a black eye tomorrow”. First aid was completed and we moved on. This morning when I saw my eye I asked Mary Lynn for a steak for my eye and she suggested a stake for my heart. So we moved on again.

This all started because I saw this new beach bar on the way into Diamond Cay. We went on a scouting mission (without the women) to check out the bar. Two ginger Bloody Marys and we were sold. We came back to the boat and picked up the women and the original plan to go to Marina Cay went out the window.

The Bar opened on new years day and they have a beautiful little spot. It is called the B Line Beach Bar and is operated by Chris and Bonkey. We had a great time. The bar is located on the east side of Diamond Cay on the way into the mooring field at Taboo. The place is called Paradise Cay



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