Day 1 st. Thomas via Miami

We are on the plane. Those who follow this silly blog know about my flying craziness. The day began with jeni’s car not starting. I should add that the last person to drive the car left the lights on. Our cars are idiot resistant with the lights being automatic. Yes it was me, I left the friggin ( I use friggin when the appropriate expletive is unavailable ) lights on.
We are on a full flight and luckily there are several small children for ambiance. I wish Mary Lynn’s bank account would grow up so we could fly up front with the people who have knee room. But I can’t have everything.

I hope I brought this hair, we only have one checked bag each for a month so tickle trunk space was at a premium. The airplane woman is giving me the eye so tata for now
We are in the air now and on a wireless flight so disconnected from land but not the googlenet.

We have arrived at Miami and there is no snow or cold weather as reported by Brent and Lianne. Looks like summer to me.

We have a few hours to kill before our flight to St. Thomas… more later

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