CXXV – 6 sleeps til Christmas

Friday December 19th, 2014

This place is very quiet. The only interruption in our quiet morning was the marina guy who came to check our pulses. When I turned my head to cough I thought it a little much. Not saying that everyone here is old but they are up there, including me. When we checked in the marina lady told us about the farmer’s market in the restaurant parking lot every Friday. I pulled our wagon loaded with laundry over to the laundry facility here. Probably the best laundry facility we have seen to date…4 washers and 6 dryers none of which were in use. Then onward pulling my empty wagon to the farmers market.

There is something humbling and uncomfortable about a 61 and 2/3 year old man (note I did not use grown up) pulling an empty wagon. Every cohort we met looked at me with a questioning look. So I respond with “WHAT?” They scurry away after that. The farmers market was cool, fresh seafood, cheeses, veggies, jewellery, wind chimes, spices and baking. I sampled one cheese that was advertised to have a little bite…it was that sneaky hot that I like so we got some to spring on the kids. We will be here for two or three weeks and the next two market days are cancelled for Christmas and New Years.

Then the incident. I thought I saw the Christmas lady. I ran after who I thought was the missing holiday female and even towing a wagon I could catch a woman of the Christmas Ladies…girth. I was towing a wagon yelling Christmas lady…Christmas lady. Deputy Gator did his best writing the report and in the Christmas spirit he released me into ML’s custody. The Christmas lady was in fact “just trying to get to work” something she was screaming as the wagon and I caught up with her. ML continued to shop.

We think we have our folding bikes covered off. We are purchasing Mango’s son’s bike and they will bring it back south with them after Christmas. The second bike I found on Craigslist using the newly installed app. It worked great to search out a bike within our area. The owner is willing to deliver the bike this weekend. Perfect. Putting two and two together I decided to put the missing Christmas lady (or as I now refer to her, the ghost of Christmas lady not present). I have had twelve calls already I think I have to reword the ad????

Yesterday we saw our first live Manatees. At the time I assumed that a group of them would have a special term. In my googlizing I discovered some other weird terms for groups of animals:

  • Aggregation of Manatees
  • Congregation of alligators
  • Cauldron of bats
  • Sleuth of bears
  • Flutter of butterflies
  • Clowder of cats
  • Coalition of Cheetahs
  • Quiver of cobras
  • Consortium of crabs
  • and an Intrusion of Cockroaches

There are many more. Holy crap

parrotlet santa
Woody didn’t like his hat…something about being a Santa Woody didn’t sit well with him


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