CXVIII – Dunedin and Tarpon Springs

Friday December 12, 2014

We ventured into Tarpon Springs for a lunch excursion. Our means of transportation was the Jolley Trolley, a bus that runs between Clearwater and Tarpon Springs. Tarpon Springs is the Florida natural sea sponge Mecca. Everything is sponge. Think Mackinac Island and fudge, Tarpon Springs and sponge. Every shape and texture of sponge is there. I’m sure you could spill your rum (sister Mary Francis what am I saying). There is a very large Greek contingent to the community as they immigrated to develop the sponge opportunity and restaurants. We had a nice lunch at a place called Hellas Restaurant and Bakery.

Still trying to catch up on my sleep so I won’t go on and on today. I have to remember to tell you all about Apalachicola and the coffee grinder…It gets my panties in a bunch just thinking about what happened. Tabernac…Lord Livin Jeezuz

Here are some pics of our outing. We are off to Mango for Blend Wacker margaritas.

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