CXV – Apalachicola

Tuesday December 09th, 2014

We had a nice day here in Apalachicola. I could live here I think. Clean, Quiet and friendly. Jimmy here at the marina is a gentleman and a truly nice guy. He worked on the phone and internet to try to find me a pump that was close and might get here in one day. At the end of all his efforts he suggested I order it on the internet. The most important thing was to get me the pump I needed, not if he could make his cut. Similarly, when we arrived we confessed that we are nominally a 42 foot boat that is 48 feet long. We have a bowsprit and a dinghy! He said 42 is enough. Apalachicola is a ***** marina in my books.

Tomorrow we will quickly look at the weather models and head out for our gulf crossing. It looks like it will be okay, not sure how good for sailing though. It will be average 10 kts off the stern quarter and hopefully not too wollowy… We will have Mango with us as our crossing mates and radio companions.

Now for a good nights sleep… hopefully


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