CVII – Will Fracas start? Low tide?

Monday December 1st, 2014

tide dog riverI didn’t sleep very well last night. Wondering if I have forgotten everything I have learned about boating during our 24 day stay here at Turner Marine. We had hoped to get off the dock by about 08:30 and pop over to Dog River to get a little fuel and a pump out. We are full of water and almost full of fuel and low tide corresponds with our departure time…fog might not be the entire delay.

Considering the tide is a new wrinkle to consider and will become more important when we are on the reef in the Bahamas. We only need a little more than 5 feet (heavy) so we are luckier than lots of sailboats. The tide is also an issue when anchoring in narrow or shallow bays and harbours harbors.

I hope that we can pop a sail or two crossing Mobile Bay and I can find the mistakes I made rigging the four sails on Fracas. There is always something that is missed, messed up or FUBAR.

Mobile Bay is relatively shallow with a narrow dredged shipping channel through it. We have been given some local knowledge to take a short cut across the bay and save some miles. We will use the ICW as far as Pensacola. After that we will have issues with bridge height, We need 60 feet and the bridges don’t have that. So, we will just pop out and go outside.


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