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Saturday November 19th, 2016

Have any of you ever won the prize? “Complete the online survey and you could win…” With the spate of maladies that Fracas has endured we have done some shopping (by necessity) at West Marine. Each sales slip has an admonition to complete a survey and win a $250 gift certificate. Has anyone ever won. If you want to create that look of deer in the headlights blankness on the face of someone just ask the sales clerk to “name one person who ever won the prize.”

Most stores do it. I’m not suggesting that they are all fraudulent but who wins. Where do you go to find out. Is there just one prize per year for North America? This kind of stuff gets my panties in a bunch…my weekend is ruined.

In my searching on the googlizer I discovered that you can enter the contests without even shopping at some of these places. There are websites that help you enter contests that you  don’t really qualify for to win prizes that may or may not even exist. Tabernac

Enterprise car rentals update. Yesterday I reported that the car we rented a Nissan Vice Versa was covered with the gooey remains of tape on the door, trunk and hood openings. I complained on line using my enterprise app. I told them the service and the car were great other than the sticky blotches on the car and everyone was staring at them when we parked at ‘the Walmart’. Soooo, when I returned the car I had to deal with the local manager. “You complained.” I said “Yes, the car has gooey tape marks all over it.” Again I get the party line “We can’t get that off without damaging the paint”.

I see Nissan cars all over and none of them are blighted by gooey tape remains. Nissan must have the miracle chemical cleaner that will remove the stuff. I suggested to the manager that the story was bullshit. “What can I do to make this right?” I wanted to say that he could go out in the parking lot with a soft toothbrush and a jug of ‘goo be gone’ and clean the car. I should have said comp me the friggin rental. But I did the Canadian thing and said “nothing obviously.”

Today we will leave the marina here at Harbortown Marina and move a little further south to find a place to store the boat for Christmas holidays.



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