Sunday March 22nd, 2015 – Typical Day

Yesterday was just a typical day here on FRACAS. I get up and put on the kettle to boil to do the coffee ritual; 45 grams of Pete’s French Roast coffee ground quite coarse… I turn on the internet to listen to Chris Parker’s weather broadcast. Since we arrived here the weather has been light winds and dry. Not enough rain to wet the decks in over a month.

We did book our flight home to the island. We leave here on the 16th and will come home from Toronto with Crystal on the 18th. Please have all the snow removed prior to our arrival. I anticipate wearing flip flops and shorts.

I improvised a wind scoop for the forward hatch to try to get more air flow into the cabin. It does get quite warm. I loaded up the dinghy with the empty water jugs and across the bay to the Exuma mart to get free water. I have my new water testing device to check on the salinity and tds of the water. Their water scores a 320 ppm which for R/O water is not that great but is within the drinking water range.

Dave on Bliss II is having engine issues with his Westerbeke/Universal diesel. The engine is out of control and as soon as you start it it over revs and smokes and spits black soot and oil. My part in this project is research. I found the technical manual for the engine and printed the appropriate sections. Dave has the manual now and all we need to do is wait for Lawrence/Larry to move forward. Yesterday was Larry’s 65th birthday and he thought it would be a write off so the plan is to work today or day three.

On day one Larry used his hand to choke the engine’s air off and still has the same number of fingers as when he arrived on the boat from his vessel ‘AGAPE’. Agape is now anchored just off Bliss II for ease of tool transfer. More on this repair later.

We decided to go with Mango over to the Atlantic side and the beach over there. We had the beach to ourselves except for one other person. The swells were 3 or 4 feet and they made for some fun action in the surf.

We returned to the boats and Mango came over for sundowners. Tonight ML made ‘Painkillers’. I declined and went with rum. Mangos made it back to their boat in time for the conch blowing to salute the sun. It is very annoying that Hanny Mango was instantly proficient at blowing the dam conch. It is a sad spectacle when I try to blow the damn thing, spit and deflating sounds issue but none of the resonant conch mating call.

Here are some pics of the day:

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