Baie Fine

Wednesday August 17th, 2016

As many of you know I have a part-time job working on the passenger vessel ‘Grand Heron’. I hope to get my ‘Masters certification’ this season if possible. Today we are off to Baie Fine. The name is French for slender bay.

Try as I might using the google translator, I am unable to get a translation that gives me that result. Regardless of which way I go I get something different for narrow or slender bay:

  • Narrow Bay = baie étroite
  • Skinny Bay = baie maigre
  • Thin Bay = baie mince
  • Long Skinny Deep Bay = longue baie profonde maigre

I think I will just go with the fact that Baie Fine is a fine bay. We have 65 passengers for today’s run. More later

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