After the cold front

Monday November 21st, 2016

I watch the weather and I can see that we got out of Ontario just in time. You have snow. Worse than that however is what we have here in Florida, COLD. It is 60° ( 15.5°c )  in the boat this morning. I am wearing pants, long pants. I have broken a vow I made to never wearing pants when I am south,  Florida, the Islands or otherwise. I also am wearing layers. I have a T-shirt and a hoodie. (my only hoodie(I won’t wear it ashore)) Florida will be brought to her knees.  It is 57 outside, news casters will be admonishing people to be sure to bring their pets inside… I’m holding my coffee with both hands to warm them up so I can use the keyboard.

I’m still freaking over the YouTube sailors and our episode yesterday. I have been checking out the YouTube U to see what videos they may have watched and what they should have watched. There are several on anchoring your boat. Like Here.  There boat did not his us during the night, likely because the wind was down.


Yesterday I saw a story on the news about fake food. This is food we buy at the store labelled as something we want but inside it is not what they say.  For example, ground coffee was found to contain lots of stuff not related to coffee beans in any way. I only buy coffee beans and grind my own. Now I check the authenticity of each bean. This does take some time but I’m retired.  At least you should be able to tell the pedigree of your coffee beans albeit some might have been shat out of the ass of some vermin in some far away land…

Olive oil is high on the list of foods that are faked. The FDA ( TRUMP food and drug administration) is too busy trying to keep the food safe. They don’t have time to check the veracity of the labelling.

In one study over 73% of the extra virgin olive oil was not likely extra virgin olive oil. Some well known brands are part of this fake food issue. Further, just because it is from Italy doesn’t matter. They suggest looking for olive oil with harvest dates from produced in Sicily.  See Here

Other fake foods include; honey, spices, fish, blueberries and parmesan cheese. It is not likely that you will find a quart of fake blueberries in the store but the muffin you think is a blue berry muffin may actually only contain blobs of starch, sugar and blue dye.  Look for blue dye in the ingredients. Parmesan cheese…most available to us is made in North America so it is fake from the get go. Real Parmesan is made in the Parma region of Italy.  It might be ok if it was made here from the same ingredients. Not so most of the NA ‘Parmesan’ cheeses contain things like cellulose (wood).

For breakfast I’m going to have an egg and hope that the farmer didn’t feed the chicken fake chicken food…Tabernac!

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