A whiter shade of pale?

Ok, Ok, I found the nut driver. It was where it was, and I should have thought there was room for it there and it would have to orient itself perfectly to roll in. But it did. There is an embedded lesson here somewhere… Let’s move on.

I’m having trouble with the whites. Wow, that sounds racist, but give me a moment here. It is time to begin to repair the scratches, dings, stone chips, gouges, and severe gouges in the white hull of Fracas. Is it cloud white, snow white, off white, artic white, off white revisited (not kidding), oyster white, fleet white, matterhorn white, insignia white, chevy white, stark white, and egg shell white? I think you caught the drift. Who names colors?

I’ve discovered (by extensive online research) that there are a minimum of 122 shades of white. There are at least that many more between each of these 122 shades. Then there is the color that ML sees (totally different from what I see (go figure)). We don’t have time to paint the entire boat this season. We will make the repairs and paint the repaired area with a close match. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I’m leaning towards cloud white, and ML leans toward yellow…

More later