Peacocks and Peter Nygard

There are sometimes things I hear that make me say Hmmmmnnn? This morning on CNN it was “can peacocks fly? Not on United.” Apparently a woman had an emotional support bird and she demanded to take it with her on a plane. A freakin’ peacock? I’ve always wanted to try to board a flight with an emotional support goldfish in 100ml of water in a lexan fish bowl… CNN reported that now you need several forms filled out and a note from your Doctor or Witch doctor in the case of the peacock lady.

Wild Bill Peacock, the attitude adjusting peacock

We all have traveled with passengers who have crammed various drugged or hypnotized animals in those cases designed for such. Usually that goes without a hitch. I don’t think the peacock traveling case is out there. I was surprised once by a peacock that let out a sound not like what you might expect. A rather irritating sound. The crazies are gaining more and more control and they are out there…

Peter Nygard

Today we are leaving the marina to anchor outside in preparation for moving south. Likely leave tomorrow go over the top of Great Harbour Cay and then down to Nassau. Not sure where on Nassau yet, possible West Bay and stop and see Peter Nygard. You may recall the last time we anchored near his circus home he charged us $5 bucks for the mooring. We will see what happens  and if he rows out himself to collect.

more later

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