65th year

Sunday April 2nd, 2017

Yesterday was my birthday and today is my old work cohort Glen Case’s birthday and he and Cathy’s anniversary. She reports that it is 40 years since they were married, Cath you should get a friggin trophy.

I’m in my 65th year. Yesterday I received an email from my old friend Rick. By old friend I mean old as dirt friend. He’s way older than me. Louise sent a picture of Rick in a sporty hat, a spiffy crop top and a geriatric speedo. I wish I could show the picture here, hell I will. I have cropped the image so that the tattoos on his lower extremities don’t show. Isn’t it cute how his muffin top is perfectly formed. Normally on the boat he just wears various ‘sailing pants’.  I am honoured that he dressed up for my birthday. Here’s hoping that next year is the reunion tour and we make it to the BVI.

Rick works and plays in the BVIs at the marina in Fat Hog’s Bay on Tortola near the Beef Island Airport. The Marina is Penn’s Landing and is situated at 18* 26.4’ N Latitude and 64* 33.7’ W Longitude.

We went to the restaurant here for my birthday dinner. ML didn’t make me my cake so she stuffed two numeric candles that were 94 or 64 (Mango has a picture) I blew them out and the festivities were over. Mangos came over to watch the college basketball, both of Karen’s teams lost. Sorry. Mangos gave me a nice card and a LARGE PRINT puzzle book… Tabernac.

In honour of my birthday I only had to work until 2pm. We took a pool break and I returned to the boat to put away all the shit from the most recent boat puke. Then we had the mangos over for the last time this season. They are parting company with us this morning and heading back to AREA 51.3. They store their boat just about a mile from the middle of no where. The local population out there is made up of people who were simply left there… think about it. We can’t store Fracas there without taking down the sticks and further I’m cautious and don’t want to run the bandaged engine any longer than I have to.

We have been travelling with the Mangos since late January and we’ve had a pretty good season. We have had more mechanical problems this year than normal but that’s normal for cruising. Things will break down in the worst possible place at the worst possible time.

When Mangos pull out of their slip we have to relocate over there as the Czechoslovakian woman could come back at any time. It is a movement of about 15 feet as we move from H23 to H21. I think I have enough beer for the journey. I have made a new temporary repair on the exhaust. Rod suggested I consider a tape called ‘Flexfix’. It is a heat cured epoxy impregnated tape that is good to 800°. We will see. So far it has met my expectations. I ran the engine yesterday and I think any and all leaks have been eliminated.

more later


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