Toronto – Hardtack – Halloween

pirate-skullHappy Halloween to you all. I find myself in Toronto which is reputed to be a good place to provision for  a voyage at sea. From my research I must come up with enough hardtack to tide me over.

I have been to several different stores and have not been successful yet. You would think costco would have a ginormous case or pallet load but no…

The rum is easy and is available here and there.  At one LCBO a nice young lady offered me smallish free shots. She had to go for her lunch but I managed to knock off half of the bottle.

I may have to make my own hardtack. The recipe is simple enough; flour, salt and water. Stir it until the spoon breaks or bends (if you are using metal) Roll the material out flat half and inch thick. Cut into 3 inch squares or for the young’uns 7 cm squares. Poke dimples in the surface. Bake 30 minutes on each side.

In order to actually eat the hardtack you have to soak it in coffee or broth or rum. I can’t wait to go to sea.


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