30122015.3158 New Year’s Resolution

Wednesday December 30th, 2015

Draft list of New Year’s resolutions:

Be it resolved, that effective January 1st 2016 I will not drink any more rum per day than I have averaged per day over the past five years!

Be it further resolved, that I will attempt to eat fewer delicious, salty, crunchy and delicious $8 U.S. potato chips!

Be it further resolved, that no more than two New Years resolutions will be considered at any time…

Potatoes were in fact harmed to produce these chips

Potato Chips- Speaking of Potato Chips, the chips that are available in the Bahamas are over $7 bucks per bag. That is disturbing enough without using the timzuzz and guzzintas to convert to Canadian (third world) dollars. Even more disturbing is the labeling on the bags that says “for export only”.

So what is different with these chips? I’ve made a study of several bags over the last couple of months. The chips seem to be normal but they may be a bit smaller…made from ‘midget’ potatoes. You will not find the ‘lunker’ chip you often find in a bag of Lays at home. You all know the chip, the one that almost exceeds the diameter of your mouth…the one you try to get as far in as you can without crunching. After finally crunching this lunker you are off to the nearest mirror to check for stretch marks on your face!

OMG! Perhaps they still have their Gluten! Or even worse Butylhydroxytoluene or the deadly trans fat…Now I have to read the friggen label. Science is tough. The chips are delicious so I am going to ignore the contents and ingredients.

Sooo, other than the chips being size challenged the only other thing my exhaustive study has revealed is that the chips are quite fragile. Into the dip they go and all you get out is your fingers (and some dip). Etiquette is mixed on what to do next… If you are alone, get several chips stacked together and try to extract some dip and all the chip fragments. If this works it is very satisfying. If there are others around you must be a proper gentleman. Use a spoon. Don’t use a spoon already on the table for other uses, get a big one from the drawer. In order to keep this spoon clean and acceptable carry it in your pants pocket in case the next chip breaks. Common sense dictates that it be licked clean prior to storage to avoid pocket fur adhering, but that’s just common sense.

Find below a fascinating video on how they make potato chips.

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