05042016.398 White Sound Green Turtle Cay

Tuesday April 5th, 2016

Sunrise over Green Turtle Cay

We have caught up to ‘As the Crow Flies’. Grant and Cindy have been wintering around Green Turtle Cay this season. As you may or may not know Grant and I had a bet about who would get and be shown in a photo wearing their Active Captain hats first. Grant won, he had a visitor bring his hat south from home and he won…he is the greatest and he wins Rumbo. Rumbo is a bottle of Rum Jumbie Liqueur. We have been dragging this thing around for well over a year and it is about time to make the presentation. There will be pictures and I will post them on the Active Captain site.

We are on a mooring ball in White Sound that is owned by Donny. Donny is a local entrepreneur who operates a marina and boat rental in Black Sound. He would have guided us in to the mooring and helped us secure but he had to go out to an island and feed some pigs.

I will drop over and pay him directly and will edit this post with more information about the infamous Donny.


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