05012016.7231 Got my bottom cleaned

Tuesday January 05th, 2016

My generation still believes we can do all the stuff we could do when we were younger. Some of the things are still doable and we think we look like we always did. Dancing, skiing, playing hockey and picking up chicks you get the drift. I found a thing or activity that I thought I could do but perhaps I have outgrown, diving under the water and then doing an activity.

Over the summer here Fracas developed a garden on the submerged hull. In some places it was almost an inch thick. The stuff we could get at easily we dealt with. The stuff lower on the hull had strips of clean and a few clean spots but never got to the level of clean and smooth like a baby’s butt. This lets call it a growth slowed the old girl down significantly. I used to be able to get her up to 7 kts without the engine working too hard. Same RPM with the growth and she could barely get to 6 kts. The growth had to go.

Before we left here to return for the holidays… oops I mean Christmas and New years we arranged to have Dive Exuma come over and clean her butt. On our return we emailed back and forth and everything was great. Jonathan from Dive Exuma showed up on time and cleaned her up “Good as New” he said. There was a lot of crap flying around the hull while he worked. . He was below diving while a squall was at work topside. The fee was $3.50 a foot so for 147, a tip and a hat the job was done. My fear is that it will all rejoin on the hull as soon as Jonathan goes around the corner.

Hiring Jonathan saved me from the continuing embarrassment of trying to submerge an upper middle aged man with sufficient air in his lungs to actually work when he reached his destination 2 to 5 feet below the surface. Those of you who are younger might compare this to diving under while wearing a life jacket. I thought “this GPa ain’t going to have the big cardiac event scraping growth off the bottom of a boat in the Bahamas.  Some acceptable activities for having the big one; sky diving, juggling chain saws you get the idea. Money well spent.

We are still in the hurricane hole waiting for a high tide when its not a honking wind and a rain event.

IBM selectricI mentioned that I have a new laptop. This machine works and feels great. I am from the era of non electric typewriters graduating to electric…I still get moist when I see an IBM Selectric in a museum or in a yard sale. That ball whizzing around amazed me. So from my extensive keyboard training at high school, I like a keyboard with some depth of motion of the keys and some feedback that you are actually pushing something down. The only thing that would make this new laptop better would be the motor sound, the ball whizzing and slamming of said IBM Selectric.

Me and the new laptop have been having an issue. The laptop drives me crazy with the zooming that the mouse pad thingy does if a gust of air even passes over. So, I went exploring into the settings of windows 10. The settings when you can find them and get to them look just like they did in windows ’95 but the path to them is much improved, cumbersome, awkward and stupid… just sayin’

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