XXXII Lower Henry Island to Peoria

Wednesday September 17, 2014

This morning we are up early to get ready to move and we are met with fog. Fog our companion from Lake Michigan is back with us. We could proceed electronically but in a river with Tows and floating trees and stuff it is pointless. So for the time being we will stay put here at Lower Henry Island. 08:30 and the fog is still too heavy to travel. We will watch another episode of the TV series we are presently consuming. Hopefully we can move soon, I can see the sun through the fog…but it is cold.

In this area the river channel is a narrow buoyed passage through some ‘lakes’ as they call them. You have to be on your toes because outside the channel it is shallow and often the channel markers are there but not as shown or they simply are not there.

We soldiered on and made it to Peoria. There are several options for marinas here some issues with water depth. In the end we decided to take the free dock downtown. It is not an overnight dock but nobody enforces the rule and everyone stays. The city provides electricity so all is good. We walked over the bridge to do some shopping and visited the Bass Pro shop among other places.

Dinner was to be homemade Mac and Cheese but we decided to go upstairs so to give Joe’s Crab House a try. We were given a roll of paper towels, a tin bucket and a Crab infested menu. the food was pretty good and the view over the river including the Nina and Pinta was cool.

It is Thursday morning now and we are dealing with Fog again. Less than 100m visibility. It is advertised to burn off by 8 or 9 so hopefully we can get moving then.



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